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Awesome talk about programming weird things. LOL

Here you can see my degree final project. Consists on an iOS application with OpenCV libraries that perform a face detection, eyes detection, image processing, gender recognition and finally face recognition. 


CakePHP Google Map V3 - Helper to CakePHP framework that integrates a Google Map in your view using the last Google Maps API V3.Add a Google Map to any of your views in a very simple way and with a lot of flexible options.


Step 1:

Download the helper from:

Step 2:

Place it in the folder app/views/helpers/

Step 3:

In your Controller add the helper

var $helpers = array('GoogleMapV3'); 

Step 4:

In your View

Add the map:

echo $googleMapV3->map();  

Add a marker:

echo $googleMapV3-> addMarker(array('latitude'=>40.69847,'longitude'=>-73.9514)); 

See the file for more flexible options or the explanation in The Bakery:

Hope you guys enjoy! See you soon